Gratitude To Give

Eastern Illinois University Civic Engagement & Volunteerism

As I mature, I am realizing that the best of me is more often than not directed toward someone else.  As a professor, I am an educator and I continually strive to give to my students the educational experience they deserve.  As a scholar and activist, I align my research with a subject matter – poverty and food insecurity – that is very meaningful for myself and others, and which is utilized to enact social change.  In service – the definition of acting for and with others (not towards an other), my focus remains on presenting my best self for their betterment.

The difference in my service compared to my teaching and research is that I try quite hard to remain in the shadows.  Lecturing and being a scholar-activist are very public roles, whether in front of a classroom or audience.  Volunteering – giving back – for me is not.

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Assistant Professor of Sociology Eastern Illinois University

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