Hunger Action Month! #EIUHungerChallenge

At my institution, November is Hunger Action Month – known more familiarly as the EIU Hunger Challenge (#EIUHungerChallenge).  hunger action team 2An amazing student group, the Hunger Action Team, in coordination with our office of Student Community Service, plan a month-long series of events to educate, empower, and activate students, staff, faculty, and the broader community understand poverty and food insecurity at the local, regional, state, and national levels.

Each year during the hunger challenge, I give several public lectures and presentations on poverty and food insecurity, as well as do some type of discussion around a documentary film.

This year I am grateful to have coordinated my lectures with programs for the EIU Academy of Lifelong Learning and Booth Library enabling our efforts to reach wider audiences.

I will be posting the presentation files so they can be read and shared for those who were able to attend the lectures, and for those who could not join us; the first of which, given on 4-Nov-2014, is available here.

Below is the calendar of events for the entire month!



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Assistant Professor of Sociology Eastern Illinois University

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